About Us

About SynerGreen

SynerGreen Concept Limited is a specialist environmental consulting company operating from Nigeria, The company provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to the public and private sectors.

Our Objectives

“To Carry on the Business On Environmental Baseline, Environmental Impact and Management Studies. Training and Extension. Ecological Rehabilitation. Environmental Impact Assessment. Indoor and Outdoor Garden/Landscape Maintenance. Landscape Design and Estimation. Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance. Hard Landscaping Plantation, Orchard and Plant Nursery Establishment, Cleaning and Gardening Maintenance Service, General Environmental Services. ”


Delivering a trusted, reliable and comprehensive environmental consulting service to industry as a whole.


The company aims to provide practical environmental solutions and professional environmental consulting services in order to contribute to the goal of sustainable development in Nigeria.


“At SynerGreen we are committed to providing our clients with world-class professional solutions to their environmental challenges. It is this commitment to providing world-class solutions that has led SynerGreen to form close alliances with various specialized environmental consultants to enable the company to address all technical aspects professionally. ”